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How Does a Virtual Call Center Work?

Virtual call center software is a cloud-based business communication platform allowing customer service agents, sales representatives, and other team members to work remotely as opposed to in a physical free virtual call center software center.

Team members can work with each other and with customers across different time zones, locations, and devices within the software’s unified digital interface.

Thanks to flexibility-focused software features like real-time data syncing, support ticket notifications, and integrations with CRM tools, agents all have access to the same information regardless of when and where they’re working.

virtual call center solution work by using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to make/receive telephone calls over the Internet as opposed to the standard PSTN network.

Because VoIP calls take place virtually, users aren’t bound to a traditional landline/desk phone. In addition to desk phones, VoIP users can make/receive calls from devices like desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, and even tablets, allowing for even greater flexibility for any call canter (not to mention major savings on hardware.)

With virtual call center software, agents no longer have to work in a singular location.

The majority of virtual call centers today are cloud-based, meaning the software is hosted on the provider’s server as opposed to onsite. With cloud-based hosting, your business doesn’t need to worry about maintenance, updates, and hardware installation. The provider handles all of that.

On-premise call center software is also available, as an alternative to virtual call center software.

On-premise solutions require a dedicated in-house IT team, and enough physical space for the hardware, which means that advanced virtual call center solution your business is responsible for all the hardware maintenance, installation, and accompanying costs. (The good news is that most providers offer paid installation/support plans for on-premise software.)

To get an even better sense of what sets virtual call center software apart from traditional business phone systems, let’s look at what these platforms can do.

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