Call Center Solutions

We offer the best of call center solutions enriched with thousands of features and bundled with 24x7 live support. Platforms we build as a part of our call center solutions, helps you manage your business workflows with utmost efficiency resulting in better return on your investment.

In an era where the business have become global with the employees spread across the continents, and people working from home because of the pandemic we are still fighting, the need for omni-channel call center solutions have incresed multifold. We take this opputunity to offer you the best of call center solutions anyone else has to offer in the industry. With every solution we build for your call center business, we add our team spirit, passion and urge to see your business exceeding your revenue goals. It is free to try, no credit card needed and no strings attached..

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Our outbound call center solutions solves the ever existing problems with other existing solutions. Our outbound call center solutions applies for lead generation, cold calling campaigns with virtually any number of agents on a single infrastructure.

Inbound Call Center Solutions

Handle your customers the way they deserve. Our inbound call center solutions aims at providing you with world class platform to efficiently manage your inbound campaigns. Increase your sales with inbound campaigns and boost your growth.

Robo Dialer Solutions

Broadcast your audio message to millions of contacts a day. Our robo dialing solutions empowers you with an efficient tool which is as easy as uploading leads and starting the robodialing campaign with a click of a button.

VICIdial Solutions

Get assistance with any thing and every thing with VICIdial. Our VICIdial hosting experts can handle all kinds of tasks with your VICIdial instance in a matter of time. You can hire a dedicated tech support acting as an extension to your team or simply hire us for hourly on-demand jobs.

More than 20,000 call center agents use our platform, everyday..

With over 30 years of team experience at CallCenterTech, 24x7 availability and round the clock on-demand support, we have earned and nurtured over 600 clients all across the globe, some being call centre giants with over 1000 agents dialing on a single infrastructure. We have exceeded the 20,000 mark on the number of agents dialing with our cloud call centre solutions and contact centre platforms. Our dedicated support team focuses on responding to support requests almost immediately causing almost zero downtimes to our clients.

Everything you need with your Call Center Solutions, plus some extras..

Our call center solutions are feature packed and refined to meet your needs exactly. Call Center platforms we build as a part of our call center solution are more than capable to handle your business telephony and outshines any other solutions in open market.

100% Cloud Based

Our call center software is 100% cloud based and can be used on any operating system. No need to install additional softwares, it simply works as long as you have a web browser.

Remote Agents

Ability to login your agents from any location. The call center software works as a virtual office, accessible 24x7 for your team. Comes with advanced firewall for better security.

Auto Call Distribution

Distribute your inbound or outbound calls among your team members with strong rule sets, priorities, and machine learning. You decide where your call be sent to.

Full Call Recording

Enhanced call recording features. record all calls or create complex rule sets as per your business demands. We offer the ability to store and access the recordings anytime.

Live Monitoring

Look at the realtime stats for your call center on a single screen for insight. Our call center software adds ability to live monitor, call barging and call whispering.

Intelligent Reports

Over hundreds of inbuilt report formats, our call center software platform gives you ability to create your own report sets, generate it automatically and send it over your email.

Callback Scheduling

Schedule callbacks on demand and never miss a callback again. This feature works great even if you are dialing in multiple timezones with agents in separate timezones.

AMD & DNC Filtering

Full answering machine detection and realtime DNC filtering with third party APIs. Connect to more humans and say bye bye to answering machines for better ROI.

Sound Avatars

Configure pre-recorded responses, organised on a single page that allows the agent to simply click on the appropriate response to play the associated sound back to a customer.

Call Park & Transfers

Call hold feature with custom rules for on hold music. The software adds ability to make closer, blind transfers, consultive, third-party transfers etc with a click of a button.

CRM Integration

Third party CRM integration on demand. We can integrate the call center software with Vtiger, Suite CRM and other custom CRMs with seamless data sync and click to call.

Full API Support

Our call center software supports full API support letting you build custom data communications with any third party software. Add features like text messaging etc.

Chat Features

Internal chat functionality for communication among your team members with advanced rule sets. Supports external chat campaigns with automated chat distribution.

Advanced Firewall

The software comes with dynamic firewall with advanced security features. You can block geographical locations as needed or simply use IP whitelists and blacklists.

Robust & Scalable

Our platform is scalable to virtually any number of seats. Whether you have a team member of 5 or 5000, we can build you a dedicated platform in less than 24 hours.

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We totally understand that the choosing a perfect call center solution for your business is a tough nut. For a limited time we give you an oppurtunity to experience our world class call center solutions with thousands of features. Its your chance to see if our solutions fit your business and our chance to prove our expert services and support. Sign up for a free trial for a week and we will bear all costs if you qualify. No credit card needed and no pressure sales from us, we promise.