Unmanaged Hosting:

Call Center Tech is an unmanaged VICIdial hosting provider. It means we don’t manage campaigns, leads etc and ever get in our client servers unless they need a server level fix. We are not at all responsible for what purposes the clients use the server for. We do take action if we get reports of usage types in our infrastructure that violates any local law or beyond.

Managed VICIdial Hosting:

For some clients we do Managed VICIdial Hosting. It means they pay for support and we fix day to day issues on their VICIdial admin area. We verify these clients to the best of our abilities and make sure they are not violating any local laws and beyond.

VICIfast Deployments:

“VICIfast Deployment Service” has been built by Call Center Tech. This service is completely free and unlimited, and lets everyone install VICIdial in a fully automated way, and they do it on their own servers. VICIfast is just a service and it just does the automation instead of manually setting up with VICIbox. We are not responsible for any kind on unlawful usage as we do not (we have no access)  monitor third party servers at all.

We auto-assign a domain name “something.vicifast.com” or “something.callcentertech.net” even if someone uses VICIfast deployment for their own servers. So the vicidial servers with*.callcentertech.net and *.vicifast.com is not necessarily a part of our infrastructure.

SIP Termination:

We are not selling SIP Termination currently. We have plans to sell it in future. Before we onboard a client, we will authenticate their business, verify their RMD and FCC 499a filer ID etc and make sure they run a TCPA compliant voice campaign.

Our Responsibilities:

We use Fraudlabs pro to verify all orders on our client portal. In case of complaint reports by companies that monitor unlawful voice campaigns, and if the server in question is hosted at our infrastructure, we are only responsible to cancel that client’s servers immediately and block them to ever use our portal again.

We respect local laws:

If asked by responsible authorities with a proper legal order, we are obliged to share our client information as per our database and recordings etc stored on our infrastructure to authorities.

Report Unlawful Activities:

You can report unlawful usage of our services by sending an email to ‘kaushal@callcentertech.net‘. Please provide a descriptive information and correct contact details so we can reach back to you for more information and updates.