What is VICIdial?

VICIdial is an open-source contact place arrangement with prescient dialing capacities. At first created in 2003, today VICIdial is utilized by inbound and outbound bringing groups in more than 100 nations.

An integral purpose for Vicidial solutions far and wide use? It’s “free” to utilize. Besides, since it’s based on open-source code, clever clients can utilize this establishment to assemble their own answer with next to no permitting costs.

In this way, we rejected our item and assembled our own restrictive arrangement without any preparation utilizing those 11+ long stretches of illustrations from clients who exchanged away from the VICIdial stage.

Is VICIdial truly free?

As an open-source arrangement, something you hear as often as possible about VICIdial is that it’s allowed to utilize. All things considered however, that is not exactly the situation. On the off chance that you use VICIdial as your dialing programming you should represent these principal costs:


Except if you have a flexible engineer on staff, you should get an external organization or consultant to introduce VICIdial at your call place. Establishment requires information on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Asterisk.

Upkeep and Development

However, you won’t simply require a designer for the underlying introduction. To make changes, you will likewise have to recruit a certified web engineer with experience architecting and creating endeavor class applications. Experienced experts in this space frequently cost somewhere in the range of $100-200 every hour. Furthermore, this underlying sending isn’t fast: it frequently requires months.

Your requirement for an external master doesn’t end there by the same token. Each time an issue emerges or a bug needs settling, you should approach them. (As you’ll see underneath, personal time and blackouts are a continuous issue for some groups.) And in the event that they’re not a committed individual from your staff, the expense of their work can likewise accompany exorbitant stand-by times that hold your group back from settling on decisions.

Where VICIdial Falls Short, According to Its Users

So you can foot the expenses of introducing and keeping up with VICIdial. It’s going great from that point, correct? Not exactly. Convoso addressed various call habitats of fluctuating sizes who have utilized or are involving VICIdial as their essential outbound dialing answer for figure out their top issues with the stage. We saw this as.

VICIdial Customer Issues

Obsolete UI and Poor Reporting – 69% of Respondents

The most well-known issue confronting Vicidial Solutions? A point of interaction that is obsolete and challenging to explore. Almost 7 of every 10 call places noticed the VICIdial connection point and manual revealing interaction as a critical trouble spot.

Also, the groups we conversed with aren’t the ones in particular who experience this issue. This is the thing a commentator needed to say at Capterra: “Being free and open-source, I guess I can’t say anything negative excessively. In any case, the front-end/GUI could utilize an upgrade quite awful. The point of interaction seems to be a mid-90s site.”

To keep up with specialist effectiveness and efficiency, a simple to-utilize UI is fundamental. The equivalent goes for administrators who need to monitor execution through constant revealing.

All things considered, finance is the greatest expense at outbound call communities. Consistently spent bumbling with a burdensome UI addresses finance vacating the premises. What’s more, that shortcoming is possibly compounded when investigates your representatives’ productivity you’re battling to pull!

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