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Why is Important VICIDIAL project is maintained by the VICIDIAL Group?

The specialist connection point is an intelligent arrangement of site pages that work through an internet browser to give constant data and vicidial troubleshooting usefulness with just a web program on the client PC.

The administration point of interaction is additionally electronic and offers the capacity to see some ongoing and rundown reports as well as many nitty gritty mission and specialist choices and settings.

vicidial hosting can work as an ACD for inbound calls or for Closer calls coming from hosted vicidial outbound fronters and even considers distant specialists signing in from far off areas as well as far off specialists that may just have a telephone.

There are right now more than 24,000 establishments of vicidial cloud server underway in north of 100 nations all over the planet, a few with north of 300 specialist seats and numerous with various areas.

The product vicidial support suite likewise incorporates a without any preparation programming establishment record, full English and Spanish renditions of the web-clients and administrator pages(and practical variants of a few different dialects), and is intended to work with an Indicator vicidial services framework that has Zap/DAHDI(T1/E1/PSTN) telco lines or VOIP(IAX or Taste) trunks and various sorts of softphones and hardphones. This gathering of uses is intended to run on top of practically any adaptation of Bullet so no playing with the vicidial solutions Reference mark source code is important. For more data see the framework prerequisites at the lower part of the page.



  • Inbound, Outbound and Mixed call dealing with and Inbound Email taking care of
  • Outbound specialist controlled, broadcast and prescient dialing
  • Full USA, Canada and UK reegulatory consistence capacity
  • Electronic specialist and managerial points of interaction
  • Capacity to have specialists work from a distance
  • Incorporated call recording
  • Three-Way calling inside the specialist application
  • Planned Callbacks: Specialist Just and Anybody
  • Web-configurable IVRs and Voice message boxes
  • Adaptable to many seats
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