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How to Transfer a MySQL Database between Two Servers using SCP?

Vicidial mysql fix order/goautodial mysql fix order underneath are the conceivable issue looked while db/mysql tainted

  1. your meeting has been impaired
  2. Autodial calls not arriving to Specialists.
  3. realtime report not refreshing as expected
  4. specialist mistake Run the beneath vicidial solutions order as ssh shell ie: from clay mysqlcheck – u root – p – – auto-fix – – check – – streamline – – all-data sets note: in the vicidial support event that you utilizing goautodial, the secret key will be vicidialnow mysqlcheck – u cron – p – – auto-fix – – check – – improve – – all-data sets secret key will be : 1234 note: the default secret phrase of vicidial mysql logins.

Moving MySQL data vicidial hosting set between servers can be achieved utilizing SCP (Secure Duplicate). It is a gotten vicidial cloud server technique in replicating file(s) between servers since it involves a similar validation and security as the Protected Shell (SSH) Convention. SCP scrambles both the document and any passwords traded while moving the vicidial services MySQL information base.


Before we start, hosted vicidial you’ll have to have two distinct servers introduced with MySQL of a similar variant. In this instructional exercise, we’ll involve CentOS Linux as the working framework. Try to have sufficient free space vicidial troubleshooting on the two servers to hold the data set dump record and the imported data set.

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