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How Cloud Call Centre Software Helps You Scale Business

Cloud-based call center solutions creating strong communication channels together with your subscriber base is fundamental to managing an effective business. While the requirement for sales departments is indisputable, selecting the one which matches together with your vision for growth is crucial for this everyone its intended purpose. Since all companies, regardless of their size, try to scale operations as rapidly as you possibly can, one crucial consideration is to make sure that the call center setup doesn’t be a hurdle along the way.

This is where cloud based call center solutions include a definitive edge over their on-premise counterpart. That will help you make an educated choice, here’s all you need to learn about cloud based call center solutions.

What is cloud call center software?

Cloud based call center solutions that are located around the cloud is really a product made to handle business conversations on the telephone without resorting to physical hardware and paraphernalia to aid communication channels. Using cloud contact center software, your customer care team is designed for incoming calls and making outgoing calls. They may also track important thing metrics, and performance, and employ automated scripts for faster response occasions.

To do this, Cloud based call center solutions are outfitted with two-way communication functionalities and supporting features for example voicemail messages, SMS, missed call solutions, delivery tracking, and application-to-application calling. These software programs include easy integration abilities for e-commerce platforms, CRMs, chat systems, and marketing software programs. They may also reflect essential metrics, like a caller’s purchase history, previous telephone calls, chat transcripts, notes, Ect.

How does cloud call center software work?

Cloud based call center solutions

Here’s how inbound call center software works –

  • The first step is to set up a customer-facing number. This is the number customers can call for inquiries.
  • The calls landing on this number are diverted to a virtual number. Every virtual number has its own specific call flow attached to it.
  • Create a personalized call flow and IVR greeting for enhanced user experience.
  • Once details such as language preference and nature of query are captured over IVR, the call is routed to the right agents. In case all agents are busy, the caller remains in a queue.
  • Once the customer is connected with an agent, they try to resolve the query at hand.
  • The entire conversation and the agent activity are updated on the support ticket software. A query that is resolved is marked as closed.  Otherwise, it remains open.
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Why should your call center move to the cloud?

The flexibility, versatility, scalability, and affordability provided lend Cloud based call center solutions a certain edge against your competitors. Cloud based call center company systems afford companies the advantages of a highly effective communication funnel with minimal expenditure on deployment and implementation. Here, you have to pay for what you select, without any expense when it comes to maintenance and upgrades.

On-premise vs. cloud call center solutions

cloud-based call center software

On-premises and cloud-based call center software are two of the most popular models being used today. This is a comparison backward and forward that will help you comprehend the difference:

On-premises call center

As suggested by its name, all of the communication paraphernalia – hardware, software, infrastructure – is to establish inside your office. The communication is facilitated through PBX or IP PBX servers. The business is exclusively accountable for the installation, upgrade, and upkeep of this setup, and all sorts of its functions are controlled internally.

cloud-based call center software

Cloud-based call center software, however, is located around the cloud, and users have access to this particular service on their own mobiles or computer utilizing an application. This model depends on access to the internet to provide seamless communication services to the subscribers.

How the two models fare vis-a-vis one another


Creating an on-premises Call Center might be a time-intensive method that requires you to definitely certainly buy the hardware, secure licenses, set up infrastructure, and install compatible software.

Setting up cloud call center software packages overlaps with installing a credit card application on your computer. They come with plug-and-play functionality and require no setup time whatsoever.


On-premises setups include prohibitively expense which includes purchasing hardware, licenses, and software, in addition to purchasing additional space to support this elaborate set-up. Additionally, for this one-time investment, you might also need to element in the price of regular maintenance and upgrade.

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For cloud-based solutions, your main investment is within a dependable web connection, aside from the fixed payment according to usage. This makes up for more frequent recurring costs, however in lower amounts.


It is not easy to modulate a current on-premises call center setup. Any scaling from operations requires additional hardware and possible adjustments to the servers and software. In a situation you have to reduce before long, you’re playing surplus hardware.

Scaling or customizing cloud-based call center software programs is an inconvenience-free, seamless process very little diverse from managing user accounts in your popular video streaming subscription.


Your phone support team must be physically present at work so that you can handle calls with an on-premise setup.

However, cloud contact center solutions offer the arrangement to operate remotely. Agents have access to the setup and answer calls everywhere as long as there is a working web connection.


Any breakdowns within the equipment may bring the functioning of the on-premises call center to a grinding halt.

With call center software, you are able to eliminate the chance of connectivity and call quality problems by just purchasing a web connection with plenty of bandwidth to aid your operations.

Call center software for enterprises

Every enterprise requires a customer care department to promote healthy relationships and simplify CRM. Here’s how answering services company software could be a perfect fit:

Minimal downtime

The PBX designs include satisfied the aim of enterprise-user communication for any lengthy time, it includes greater risks and vulnerability because of failures, breakdowns, and also the ensuing maintenance processes. A cloud-located solution, however, poses no such pitfalls.

With inbound answering services company software and outbound answering services company software, you are able to be assured of the ongoing outcomes of both you and your customers 99.96% of the time.

Better customer service management

With call center software,, you are able to handle inbound calls in a quick, efficient, and professional manner, even if your volume is high. This really is thanks to the software’s capability to route calls in line with the niche from the product/services or even the nature of the query, allowing the best agents to deal with the customers’ issues.

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All the details exchanged over these interactions are immediately updated within the database, facilitating a quick exchange between agents, should the requirement for it arise.

Disaster recovery

The entire process of scaling up operations can frequently be fraught with impending challenges, most of which may bring your operations to some dead stop. Even when that occurs, cloud based call center software constantly operates seamlessly as long as you have a functional web connection. This natural component of disaster recovery helps produce a semblance of normalcy even while you focus all of your powers on mitigating the lurking obstacle.

Enhanced security

Data security is really a significant concern for those organizations today, regardless of their size, structure, or proportions of operations. The near-impenetrable security measures of the answering services company software prevent losing customer or internal enterprise information because of accidental failures or planned breaches.

All of the vital information is securely kept in the cloud backup. If necessary, the company enforces enhanced security protocols at no additional costs whatsoever.

Call center software – a tool with vast potential

Regardless of what your company goals, needs, or limitations are, there’s an ideal cloud communication solution that may easily fit in. Cloud-based solutions are not only seen eliminated to provide customer care experience component excellence but additionally are the ideal tool to cement some customers by constantly contacting them. It provides invaluable insights into customer experience and expectations.

Besides, features like automation, IVR could be hugely effective for tracking Return on investment, recording customer comments, tracking orders, and confirming receipt of payment on CoD orders. Also, it does all of this with minimal manpower and infrastructural needs, because of the evolution of smart tools and platforms targeted at supplying cutting-edge CX.

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