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How to Structure Your Healthcare Call Center for Success 2023

Healthcare Call Center within the medical industry, growth happens due to a positive and significant patient experience.

Multiple old-fashioned red phones hanging in the ceiling.

Yes, digital advertising and marketing help bring individuals, but patient satisfaction develops next first telephone call.

People are real individuals who need effective communication during every stage of the patient journey. When ethical marketing efforts convince prospective customers to get the telephone and call your practice, employees alternatively finish this call and must anticipate advising the person on the positive path.

We’ve written a great deal about staff training and call strategy here on the blog. However, nowadays we’re concentrating on answering services company strategy — especially as it requires enterprise and multi-location organizations.

Today’s top healthcare organizations are modernizing their sales departments by moving from legacy, on-premises technologies to accomplish contact centers within the cloud. However, the moving parts are complicated and may get confusing rapidly for bigger organizations.

To know the process and needs, I switched to Kathy Divis, president and co-founding father of Greystone. Kathy focuses on healthcare-focused sales departments as well as their integration using the web along with other cloud-based solutions. She’s the expert people call to assist migrate the old on-premises legacy system towards the modern platform.

If you’re ready to glean the takeaways, I’ve listed here the top tips for designing a successful Healthcare call center with new patients in mind.

But before we get into strategy, here’s a primer on traditional call centers and why an upgrade should be in your 2023 budget:

The Modern Healthcare Call Center

Call centers have altered through the years. Today, they’re mostly known as contact centers and could be tailored to the requirements of your business.

Exactly what is a modern contact center? It’s usually within the cloud or attached to the internet. It is also integrated with email, web chat, texting, video, and core telephony functions, for example, marketing and scheduling. The aim is perfect for agents to interact with new and existing patients via their preferred funnel.

Some companies choose a website put into their on-premises contact center, while some result in the full transition from legacy to cloud.

What’s your present technology? Could it be working? What technology if you work with, and just how will it match the characteristics you would like?

Getting Buy-In for Modern Technology

A lot of companies continue to be looking to get their Return on investment on their own legacy systems, not to mention precede to today’s technology. In case your organization continues to be giving push-back for upgrading your answering services company, we know. This occurs constantly.

Modernizing call centers within the medical industry always includes politics from stakeholders, including doctors, staff, and leadership. When you are within this category, you aren’t alone. Comprehending the features and benefits of the modern contact center combined with the strategy tips below can help you develop a solid situation to make the transition.

The Features and Benefits of a Modernized Contact Center


  • Cloud-based or single platform: Get rid of hardware installation and the costs of maintaining a legacy system.
  • Healthcare industry integrations: The very best call centers today are on the internet and integrated with CRMs, medical billing, EHRs, along with other technology, all made to exceed patient expectations.
  • Omnichannel support: Talk to patients via email, voice recording, text, and much more. Omnichannel also signifies a message center is integrated together with your website and social networking efforts.
  • Industry-specific compliance: HIPPA, PCI, and GDPR, you name it, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Precision call routing: Access smart call routing systems to quickly transfer calls to the right departments and agents.
  • Advanced analytics: It’s necessary to measure your patient experience with real data that you could then evaluate and enhance. Real-time analytics will also help you manage agent performance.


  • Scalable – Grows as your practice or organization grows.
  • Cost savings
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Self-services for patients
  • Better access to care for patients
  • Improved patient satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced scheduling experience

3 Healthcare Call Center Best Practices for New Patients

The concept to enhance your patient experience isn’t new. But relocating to a more and better cost-effective call center might appear new and overwhelming. When the competition wasn’t enough, the worldwide pandemic has added emergency for this transition, as hospitals and multi-location physician practices scramble to help make the switch.

  1. Identify and document your goals. Based on Kathy, it’s fundamental to begin any strategy by comprehending the project goals. How can you picture your operations moving forward? What exactly are you attempting to achieve? For those who have an aging, on-premises system, for instance, you’ll require more help figuring out how you can transfer the older model to some modern solution. Using these questions clarified, after that you can start taking into consideration the challenges and barriers to individuals’ goals. Together with your goals defined and also the obstacles identified, you are able to look for technology and solutions that solve individual’s problems and meet your objectives.
  2. Start the migration in small steps. In case your organization is unwilling to change your contact center, Kathy recommends presenting it using a walked process. For instance, if your multi-site company has 5 or 6 call centers, begin with the first and watch for effective results. It’s simpler to emigrate to some modern solution should you choose it one piece at any given time.
  3. Provide proper onboarding. Proper onboarding is vital when getting in new staff. Kathy suggests training staff on every aspect of the legacy system and it is protocols. For instance, train staff regarding how to pronounce physician names as well as on fundamental customer support protocols. They ought to know and get access to relevant information, for example, location information or benefits coverage.

A modern, healthcare contact center varies depending on the type of organization. Within the podcast, Kathy shares that a number of organizations have barely begun the migration from old legacy systems. In comparison, others have previously accepted cloud contact centers that integrate with healthcare CRM, medical billing, and EHRs.

No matter where your business is around the spectrum, you will find important contact center features that patients expect today.

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