HomeDownloadsDownload VICIdial for free, Direct Download Links for VICIbox Latest ISO

Download VICIdial for free, Direct Download Links for VICIbox Latest ISO

Direct Download Links for Official VICIdial

Are you looking to download VICIdial for free..?? We have put together direct download links for all version of VICIdial in this post. We have also put together the direct links to download latest versions of VICIbox ISO (VICIdial Installer Disk).

VICIdial Free Download for Windows.

Some folks also search for “VICIdial free download for Windows”. Let us clarify that VICIdial is not a software that you install on top of windows. The Official VICIdial installer is also called as VICIbox, It is essentially an ISO that automatically install the full operating system, all packages required for running VICIdial as well as latest version of VICIdial. So, you must be okay if you do not find any results for VICIdial free download for Windows operating system.

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Latest Version of VICIbox ISO Free Download, VICIdial Download Link

Latest versions of VICIbox ISOs are maintained at VICIbox Official website at vicibox.org. VICIdial group is the owner of VICIdial and they are the force behind the release of VICIbox builds and maintaining VICIdial download Links. The direct links for VICIbox Download can be found on their website. However we have collected that information and put the direct links here so you can download VICIbox latest version witha single click.

VICIbox Std Installation ISO Download for Free, VICIdial Download Link

VICIbox Std ISO disk should be used in cases where you are using just a server with a single storage disk. This ISO wipes your current drive and installs everything needed to run VICIdial. Make sure that you use this disk only to install on a server that has a single storage disk. If you have multiple storage devices and you wish to use it on RAID, then you should jump on to next paragraph. Latest VICIbox Std version is v9.0.3 and here is the direct download link.

Click here to Download VICIbox v9.0.3 x86_64 full ISO

VICIbox MD Installation ISO Download for Free, VICIdial Download Link

VICIbox MD installation should be used in cases where you have multiple drives in your server. On the installation process, your storage device is wiped out and everything needed to run VICIdial is automatically installed. However after the install is done, you can run an inbuilt script via SSH that will automatically find your drives and convert into RAID configuration. You will need to reboot the server for the RAID to come in effect. Latest VICIbox MD version is v9.0.3 and here is the direct download link.

Click here to Download ViciBox_v9.x86_64-9.0.3-md full ISO.

Download Official VICIdial Installation Manual for Free

VICIbox is the official installer for VICIdial call center suite. It is based on OpenSUSE server and auto installs various sip utilities, Asterisk, DAHDI, LibPRI along with latest SVN for VICIdial. Basic Linux knowledge is strictly recommended for the installation process. VICIdial group also maintains an VICIdial installation manual, using that you should be end up with a fully functioning VICIdial System.

>> Click here to download VICIdial Installation Manual for Free <<

How CallCenterTech Team can help..

We have a strong team of people with expertise on call center solutions. We use VICIdial as a backbone of our solutions which keeps costs less and does not limit our customers on features. Feel free to contact us or simply start live chat to get connected to one of our team members. Here is our contact information.

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