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Direct Links to Download VICIdial Agent Manual

Why you should download VICIdial Agent Manual

Download VICIdial Agent Manual, should you ..?? VICIdial is the most famous Open-Source call center suite. It has to offer thousands of features and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. VICIdial can be customized in virtually unlimited configurations depending on your call center environment.

Not everyone is familiar on the VICIdial agent interface. That’s why VICIdial Agent Manual is must for the agents to learn about all the controls on VICIdial agent screen. There are tasks that agents need to do everyday, for ex. Call Transfers, Call Park, Mute, volume controls, proper dispositions etc. VICIdial Agent Manual helps you train your agents so they perform better for a high ROI.

VICIdial Agent Manual full version download is not “FREE”..??

Yes, That’s correct. Full version of VICIdial Agent Manual is not free. You can already download VICIbox which is a VICIdial call center suite installer for free. And there are tons of resources online and on YouTube to learn everything about VICIdial. VICIdial Agent Manual demands a good deal of time to write and compile everything about everything in VICIdial. Compiling a VICIdial Agent Manual is a time intensive task which requires constant updates and publishing.

Download full version of VICIdial Agent Manual

Full version of VICIdial Agent Manual is available for purchase at VICIdial Online Store. Purchase of the VICIdial Agent Manual will give you the ability to download updates to the manual for the next 12 months as updates and new versions are released. Your purchase will also help to further the development and promotion of the astGUIclient/ViciDial project.

Tip: Also download VICIdial Manager Manual

The current update on VICIdial Agent Manual is for version 2.14-605c which is a PDF Download with a total of 64 pages. The price to buy VICIdial Agent Manual as of today is $50. The total download size is roughly 3 MB. You need to complete a small survey to download it. It takes less than a minute. Click on the below link to download free version of VICIdial Manager Manual.

>> download free version of VICIdial Agent Manual <<

How CallCenterTech Team can help..

We have a strong team of people with expertise on call center solutions. We use VICIdial as a backbone of our solutions which keeps costs less and does not limit our customers on features. Feel free to contact us or simply start live chat to get connected to one of our team members. Here is our contact information.

Calling from USA:    +1 662-399-5577
Calling from India: +91 773-399-5577
Email: sales@callcentertech.net

You can also fill this form if you need us to contact you.

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