HomeCall Center BlogDirect Links to Download GoAutodial 3.3 ISO 32/64 bit for free

Direct Links to Download GoAutodial 3.3 ISO 32/64 bit for free

Direct Links to Download GoAutodial 3.3 ISO for free

GoAutodial 3.3 was launched in year 2015 and has been liked by clients and vendors both. GOautodial has been branded as next generation open source omni-channel contact center suite. It was built from the ground up using established open source technologies. GoAutodial 3.3 had great user interface and boasted VICIdial under the hood. People liked GoAutodial because of its looks, on the other end it was also disliked by experts as it lacked lots of features in its admin interface. However, with direct link that opens up vicidial interface provided everything official vicidial had to offer in settings area.

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Why you should be still interested to download GoAutodial 3.3 ISO 64bit

Needless to say, it has been over 6 years now and world has moved on with official VICIdial builds. GoAutodial has also came a long way to v4 which is absolutely great in terms of looks and refined set of featured.

GoAutodial 3.3 was a very interesting ISO and the installation was the shortest & simplest we ever seen. Plus, as soon as the server was installed, it automatically create 20 users, 20 phones, a few test campaigns and carriers. GoAutodial 3.3 has been loved for its ease of use and minimalism. Whatever case it be, GoAutodial 3.3 is worth a try even today.

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Why you should avoid GoAutodial 3.3 today

GoAutodial 3.3 has been in existed over 6 years now and VICIdial has seen hundreds of updates since then. Call center industry has also grown and its looking for more and more features in this competent world. GoAutodial 3.3 may not be sufficient today as it lacks lots of fetures and uses old technology.

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GoAutodial 3.3 lacks lots of functionalities which are a core of contact center suite. Functionalities like Agent Soundboards, Quality Control, Webphone and others are only available with latest versions of VICIdial. Also, GoAutodial team has further developed it and have launched their latest version GoAutdial v4 which boasts of Predictive, preview and manual dialing + inbound IVR and ACD, Inbuilt CRM etc. Other features like ticketing system, instant messaging and social media integration is still in progress and should be launched in near future. Here are the direct links to download GoAutodial 3.3.

>> Download GoAutodial 3.3 CE Final 32 bit <<

>> Download GoAutodial 3.3 CE Final 64 bit <<

How CallCenterTech Team can help..

We have a strong team of people with expertise on call center solutions. We use VICIdial as a backbone of our solutions which keeps costs less and does not limit our customers on features. Feel free to contact us or simply start live chat to get connected to one of our team members. Here is our contact information.

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