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Direct Links to Download GoAutodial 2.1 ISO for free

Direct Links to Download GoAutodial 2.1 ISO for free

GoAutodial 2.1 was launched a long time ago and has been a favourite for many users. It showcased a refined user interface for both admins and agents. We also used to download GoAutodial 2.1 at those earlier times and set it up for clients. As the years passed and GoAutodial moved on to developing it further, adding more features and releasing newer versions altogether, It has become increasingly difficult to find Direct links to download GoAUtodial 2.1 ISO. Luckily for you, we have a copy of the ISO on our servers that you can download right away.

Why you should be still interested to download GoAutodial 2.1 ISO 64bit

Thats the question we will ask you first if you ask us to set that up for you. Well, here is the answer that should relate to most of the GoAutodial 2.1 fans. First, GoAutodial 2.1 had introduced GoAdmin which was a visually attractive and great interface to look at server realtime resources and reports. The configurations had far less options which made it breeze to configure it.

Newer versions of GoAutodial are completely different than what it looked like on GoAutodial 2.1. It had Asterisk 1.8 at its core which was said to be great for Answering Machine Detection. Plus, it used to autocreate 20 agents and 20 phones along with the installation. That saved na good deal of time and also it has been easy for folks with very less or no knowledge of GoAutodial 2.1. We have put together a dorect link to download GoAutodial 2.1 ISO on our servers for easy download if you still wanna use this version.

Why you should Avoid GoAutodial 2.1

Well, GoAutodial 2.1 was launched a long time ago. It has been years of development since then and better options are available today which has far much more features than GoAutodial 2.1 had to offer. We recommend installing VICIdial latest version as its directly from the VICIdial group. VICIdial is updated almost every other day which adds new features, bug fixes and performace improvements.

GoAutodial 2.1 lacks lots of functionalities which are a core of contact center suite. Functionalities like Agent Soundboards, Quality Control, Webphone and others are only available with latest versions of VICIdial. Also, GoAutodial team has further developed it and have launched their latest version GoAutdial v4 which boasts of Predictive, preview and manual dialing + inbound IVR and ACD, Inbuilt CRM etc. Other features like ticketing system, instant messaging and social media integration is still in progress and should be launched in near future.

>> Download GoAutodial CE 2.1 64bit Final ISO for free <<

How CallCenterTech Team can help..

We have a strong team of people with expertise on call center solutions. We use VICIdial as a backbone of our solutions which keeps costs less and does not limit our customers on features. Feel free to contact us or simply start live chat to get connected to one of our team members. Here is our contact information.

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Email: info@callcentertech.net

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