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VICIdial MySQL Database crashes, Top reasons and preventions

Causes and preventions for VICIdial MySQL Database crashes.

One of the most common issue faced by VICIdial users is, that their MySQL/MariaDB database gets crashed. For non-technical folks, it gets tough to realize the database crash as they go through the peril of multiple issues caused by database crash. It might not be a total crash, but also due to the fact that database get choked up and doesn’t respond to queries properly. These situations can be avoided, but first you need to understand why it happens on the first hand. Here are the top reasons.

To prevent VICIdial MySQL Database crashes, make sure your server is plugged in with uninterrupted power supply.

  1. Power Failure:

When VICIdial is in active use, the system sends and receive information from database. In other words, the database server is in use at that time. When you have a sudden power loss with the server, it leads to VICIdial MySQL Database crashes.

You must add an UPS or ensure continuous power supply to the server to prevent this.

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2. Forced Shutdown:

If you unplug the server power cord, or push the reset key, or keep pressing the power button on your server, it simply means you are bothering the database transactions. DO NOT kill the server power, ever.

Here is a proper way to shut down your server. Log out all agents, make sure asterisk is not dialing any call and verify the same on Realtime report page. Stop any database intensive tasks i.e. report generation, lead upload etc. Make sure cron is not accessing your database for anything. Stop apache or httpd service. Once your are sure about everything mentioned above, you can proceed with following shutdown command. Failing to do so might lead to VICIdial MySQL Database crashes.

shutdown -h now : It shuts down your server safely
shutdown -r now : It reboots your server properly.

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3. Server overload:

In cases when you are putting more load on database server than the server capacity, it will lead to database crashes. For ex. You might be sending too many calls and the database does not have enough resources to write them in table. Setup a trunk limit in server modification page so the server does not exceed the capacity. Most folks do not send more than 120 calls per server. If you have a high volume call requirements, simply build a cluster and put more asterisk servers in use. You must use good quality hardware to build your VICIdial on.

TIP: Download VICIdial Installation Manual here..

4. Insufficient Disk Space:

You should always keep an eye on the disk space. When your disk space is full, the database gets force closed. You can use df -h command to check the disk space of your server. Here is what you need to do to clear your disk.

  • Delete old call recordings, even better setup an archive server and move recordings there.
  • Clean up the system logs from /var/log
  • Tune your database periodically and get rid of older call logs, dial logs, carrier logs etc.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can not do it yourself, you should hire professionals to do it for you as everyone hates downtime. You can hire us on hourly rates here, and our professionals will take care of the job for you.

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