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VICIdial Database repair commands

Lets learn about VICIdial Database repair commands.

Regular database maintenance is necessary if you are running VICIdial for your business or managing it for a client. Database crashes can bring lots of issues in regular VICIdial tasks and when that happens, you should use following Repair VICIdial Database commands.

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In events where database gets corrupted, you can have these issues.

  • Your session has been disabled: It appears on agent screen
  • Autodial calls not landing on Agent Screen
  • Reports taking forever to load, and Realtime report page not updating with fresh numbers
  • Time synchronization issues on agent screen

Whatever situation it be, it becomes impossible for you to use VICIdial in case of database corruption. Follow these steps to fix this.

  1. Log out all agents
  2. Stop apache/httpd server
  3. Stop and disable any cron that executes any task related to database

If you are using latest VICIbox, then you should use these commands. Make sure you run then in correct sequence.

mysqlcheck -p --check asterisk
mysqlcheck -p --auto-repair asterisk
mysqlcheck -p --optimize asterisk

If you have setup a password for MySQL root user, then you should run these commands in the correct sequence.

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --all-databases
mysqlcheck -u root -p --optimize --all-databases

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