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2023 VICIdial Hosting – Dedicated Data Storage and Hardware

Vicidial Hosting Would you like to boost the productivity of the call center? Are you currently worried that the leads have not been known as often as they ought to? Are you currently unable to make out the print of what profits individuals are doing and also have lost the productivity of the business? Have you ever lost curiosity about investing tens or perhaps countless pounds in establishing a hardware dialer? You can have your call center ready to go on the Vicidial Hosting in under 3 hrs! Go ahead and take the free trial offer present.

  • Major mobile networks in the USA. Call rates for MVNOs like Lebara may be higher
  • There are over 200 countries globally that all have mobile networks. There are about 43,000 varying call rates all over the world. They are too many of them to quote the call rates on a single page

We’ve particularly configured our Vicidial Hosting for optimal performance. We’ve tallied up our servers in Manchester Science Park in the Melbourne Server Hosting that is right over the major internet hub from the North West. We use a Storage Space Network that’s linked via a Virtual private network to a different location in Stockport. This helps to ensure that our customers possess a guaranteed backup. The OSs from the server operates on raided local Solid Condition Disc Drives. For lighting fast speed, fiber has been utilized for connecting these to the SAN heads. All of the located Vicidial Servers in our establishment are made as clusters because they are more reliable and are much better to expand once the need arises.


Our Vicidial Hosting utilizes HP Proliant DL360s that have plenty of memory and raided SSDs for maximized speed. You will find it highly reliable and scalable which improves the efficiency of our services to the customers. We regularly upgrade our hardware so we haven’t possessed a Vicidial server failure.


We use HP fiber optics on the entire internal systems which boost bandwidth speeds to super-fast levels. Our cabinets contain gigabit internet connectivity links. We prefer serving Voice over internet protocol traffic over a Virtual private network to the customers in the Vicidial servers. It augments the safety levels and prevents the traffic in our customers from being formed by ISPs.


Each and every Vicidial Hosting utilizes local SSDs running in RAID 10 for any maximized writing speed. We keep configurations and databases in our customers on the SAN that operates on RAID 60. The Storage Space Systems are synchronized with this Stockport site for secure backup and recovery purposes in situations of disaster.


We’ve protected our Vicidial Hosting by having dedicated firewall hardware so we make use of authentication of IP. Every VICIdial Hosting server also offers a firewall for an additional layer of security. If at all possible, our customers can connect with us via a Virtual private network for added security. As well that we alter all default passwords and ports upon installation.

Choosing Productivity and Profitability over Price

With regards to VICIdial Hosting and VICIdial solutions, there’s lots of truth for the reason that. While “free” and occasional-cost contact center solutions might appear like cost-effective solutions, these savings mean nothing once they come at the expense of performance and profitability.

Call Center Tech software supplies an effective predictive dialer along with a full suite of tools and methods to boost contact rates by as much as 300% and deliver more conversions while increasing Return on investment. Plus, we’ll exist when you really need us most: Our experts are continually moving out product updates and upgrades to adjust to a quick-altering compliance landscape. As well as your dedicated Customer Success Manager is waiting for responsive support.

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